This is what the Lord says:
This, the Ekklesia,
She the bride, glorious without spot or wrinkle
Born out of brokenness, out of grief
bearing in her body the sufferings of her Beloved
full of Joy and Hope and Glory
She has been quiet, unseen, her beauty hidden
behind steeples and bells
Behind long winded words and hell fire with brimstone
behind false shepherds and false gospels
behind strange fire and witchcraft
behind well intentioned but shackling care and control
It’s been a long time but NOW
He is calling her forth
He is saying her name,
You hear it, like a whisper on the wind,
It echoes in your dreams,
She is the THIS, She is what the Lord is SAYING
In every moment he is sounding her name
until every rock and tree
lamb and lion shake with the sound
for this has been their groaning, for SO long
And she is rising,
shaking off the dust and mothballs of her fear induced coma
She is his Beloved and He is hers
To her he makes known the unfathomable riches that are in Him
THrough her he makes known the manifold wisdom of God
to all those who sought to keep her hidden, quiet and afraid.
Can you Hear your name
Hear Your Name
for you are She


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