The desert and the spring

There is a state of walking this Christian life that is desert like. It is that place that kept the Jews in the wilderness for 40 years. Where they listened to each other, and grumbled and moaned and griped and nothing was good enough. God sent manna, God sent quail, God sent water, but nothing brought gratitude out of their hearts.

This is not because they didnt know God, they had a mountain of fire and smoke, they had miracles galore but what they didnt have was a still small voice.

So they ate dust, dirt, sand… their grumbling words, their mean spiritedness sat like sand on their lips and on their tongues.

They listened to each other not to that still small voice. They were so loud in each others ears that they drowned out any other voice.

We today are so loud in each others ears that we miss the crystal clear life giving water of God, of our Father leading us. We seek our own opinions and others far above and beyond Gods. It is easier to abdicate the throne of our Queen of hearts listening to her King to grovel in the sand with others, than to wait and rest and learn the new walk of the Kingdom. Only in desperate times do we suddenly put our ear to the ground to hear him and the underground spring bursts forth.

We are not in this only for the desperate times. Father longs for us to walk with our hearts joined as one to His, listening in an attentive state ALL the time. Yes it is possible. It is possible to lovingly listen to those who care, but to not let those voices weigh in over and above that voice that is the high call of God, the stream that bubbles underground but longs to burst out and flood the desert.

Fear keeps us locked into the myriad voices that surround us, so much so that we have become used to the sand, it almost tastes like water sometimes. Meanwhile we are becoming dessicated, dried out, husks of our former or possible true selves. And our Queen of hearts is dressed in rags and living like a pauper while super tramp the imposter stomps around our palace throwing his weight around.

Take a moment and back away, empty out all that is in your mouth, let go of all that is upon you and surrounding you, take an hour, a day, and wait and listen, you will hear that tumbling underground river, give it time and keep listening it will grow louder and break out and flood the desert, and your mouth washing away the sand and dirt you have lived on.

It is not easy to get there, because you not only have to stop but you have to wait in the stopping, you have to listen and you have to hang in there. Patience in the waiting, trusting that as you wait, your King is knocking down walls to get to you. Leaping on the high places, pushing over mountains, bringing that cascading river from the depths of your earth, up and out of your mouth, over you through you and filling your desert with the life giving water you so desperately have been dreaming of. and drenching those around you in the overflow.

But you have to wait, he has to break through all the crud and crap of years like sediment in a kettle in a hard water area that has never been cleaned. The “cares of this world” creep up on us so subtly, we think “We have to pay for this, we have to have that, we have to provide this”

This is my experience of a God who answers, who is mystery and yet who is a wide open book for us to walk into every page and live with, in and through.



One Love

We are one.  All of us.  Deep in the middle of each and every one of us we know this.  Denied mostly but still true.

The ancient civilisations knew this, so-called primitive, but in reality the most civilised of us all.  Tribal Africans call it Ubuntu.  I am because you are.

Some give persistently into this oneness causing it to grow and thrive but most suck out of it, greedy selfish angry they have no idea they are literally causing a drought, when we see it in the natural – look at California, we also are seeing it in the spiritual, the European refugees are for me an example of this.

When our Beloved made all that is, his breath went into everything, his word into creation and his breath into us.  His word was breath too, no words come without breath.  He literally breathed life into everything, when you study quantum physics you know, everything is alive, everything has breath.  His.

This drought is so much worse because the “church” has bought into the system of the world, the greedy selfish capitalistic world system.  If we truly prayed Paul’s prayer we could not live as we do.

” I pray that out of your glorious riches you would strengthen me with power in my inner man, that Christ may dwell in my heart by faith, that We being rooted and grounded in LOVE may together with all the Saints grasp the length, the breadth the depth and the height and to KNOW this love that surpasses knowledge that we may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God.  TO Him who is able to do exceedingly abundantly above and beyond all that we can ask think or imagine according to the power that is at work in us…. to HIM be glory in the church.”

The bride MUST get up and take her place, she MUST.  She CANNOT be part of the sucking dry of the breath of all of us.

We are being called out, being called, those who already know, who are coming to know so that those who are yet to understand have a chance to know.  THIS LOVE, this one LOVE that surpasses Knowledge… oh Church of God, Bride of Christ, lift up your head from the dirt devoid of life and feel the Breath that fills each and every one of us.